Template Ninjas is a web template store with a group discount system.

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on December, 08
50% discount on All TemplateMonster Web Templates

I've been creating sites with web templates for several years. TemplateNinjas helped me cut down on the expences still providing high quality product plus excellent services from TemplateMonster. Alejandro, Spain

Couldn't find higher discounts on TemplateMonster products. A really unique offer, especially for designers and web developers! Edward, UK

The idea is similar to Groupon's, so it's quite easy to get how TemplateNinjas work. These web templates are an incredibly good bargain. Helga, USA

Thank you for the deal, I got the template with a nice rebate and there are so many to choose from that i certainly buy another one during a future deal. Jérémie, France

successful Deals:
Regular Price is the amount of money you pay for the instant download of the template.
Deal Price is the amount you pay for a template(s) during a discount day. You get the template(s) once the deal is over.

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